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To democratise AI for everyone in the Media and content industry


Our journey started with a socially conscious news app called - News In Three Lines (NITL) that allowed readers to participate in the news they read through polls, petitions, donations, focused comments, debates and much more. On realising the potential of the technology we built with the backdrop of data privacy changes in the new media market, we quickly translated the tech stack to create a SaaS solution for media publishers and content marketers who literally want the audience to not only read and engage with their content but also participate and come back for more. This is how Bridged Media was born where we created a proprietary algorithm to detect the best places in content where the audience is most likely to engage and through a single line of code, introduce an action card where the audience can either subscribe, donate, read more, purchase products etc- thereby helping publishers and brands establish a richer relationship with their audience.

Bridged Media was born out of a necessity created by the new media restrictions around data privacy, third-party cookies and an extremely competitive market. We aim to work with our partners to deliver not only a solution that foresees the need for automation in content marketing and conversions but also services that reduce the dependency on highly technical resources to get any job done. Give the solution a try or just come say hello!

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