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To make all content ready for Impact


In 2020, with a burning passion to make the world a better place, we created a socially conscious news app - News In Three Lines (NITL).The news app showcased our vision to make news information actionable where verified and unadulterated information was made interactive to help improve engagement with News media. We delivered thousands of news pieces at users’ fingertips, garnered over 1 million swipes, and introduced a new way to consume content. However, reading and interacting with the socially conscious news wasn’t enough. We want to empower readers to take the information available in the news, and make an actual Impact in the world by taking social action.

And that was a Eureka moment for us. We observed the number of content creators, publishers and cause based organisations who are doing their bit to bring awareness to the world - but are not equipped to facilitate Social Action. Bridged enables them to do so. We ‘bridge’ the gap between empathy and action, while empowering content owners and millions of people to create tangible Impact.

Join us to fuel your content with Impact - for free!

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