Publisher-First AI for
10X engagement events

No-code AI Tools that were built to give publishers more power in the ecosystem. Now you can use Machine Learning and Gen AI features for your engagement and revenue objectives with 10X speed and 10% cost.


Get ahead of the competition by using ready to use AI tools

Tools that integrate seamlessly with you existing technology stack and requires no techical sprints. Just a line of code and you are ready to go!

Our Solutions

Our solutions offer a comprehensive approach to optimizing engagement and revenue generation in the digital landscape. Here's a breakdown of what we offer:


Collect more Emails

Use AI-Assisted email collection strategies that boost your collection rates by capturing emails at high empathy points of the customer journey

  • Engaging and personalised email tools
  • Gate content and engagements
  • 3rd party software integrations

Circulate more people

Increase ARPU with personalised journeys that guide your readers to revenue pages such as event pages, e-commerce pages and much more

  • Smart Engagement to increase relevance
  • No-code A/B test capabilities
  • 3rd party integrations to map success events

Sell Innovative non-competing Ad Units

Offer your advertisers premium ad units, which are Non-competing, Contextual, Engaging

  • Smart features such as Market Research
  • 20 templates to choose
  • Create new formats for advertisers

Actionable content insights for editorial, product and marketing teams

Transform your newsroom with insights that focus on growth and audience development relevant for your content, audience and product teams

  • Analytics that guide content economics
  • Intent analytics of impression to action
  • Shareable reports direct to your inbox

Personalized Registration and membership strategies

Build the best registration strategy for your content and business goals using an AI rules engine. Works with memberships, donations, registrations and subscriptions.

  • Rapid A/B testing with AI at scale
  • Works seamlessly with other subscription management tools
  • Replicate industry leading strategies with 1 click

Setup your solutions in hhours instead of months

Set objectives

Choose your conversions goals


Add a single line of code to your CMS

Engage and Convert

Allow our AI to optimise audience behaviour on your website


Measure the impact and segment your audience for enhanced targeting

Used by Publishers across the globe

Sessions Optimised with AI
300 million
Average increase in engagement
Datapoints used to create propietary models
700 billion

Enhance On-Site Engagement

  • Increase engaged sessions by 40% with AI-driven strategies that use activation elements to captivate their attention, even visible on GA4
  • Convert their attention into interactions translating to 20% higher time spent on your on-site content
  • Lead newsroom discussions with contextual data with an editorial and product-oriented focus

Maximize opt-ins

  • Generate 140% more impressions on the subscription wall with AI-driven recirculation engine
  • Build segmented audiences and nurture their behaviours with AI-driven propensity and intelligent engagement placements
  • Experiment with marketing messages, paywalls and registration wall dynamics at scale and across geographies with Bridged AI

Boost Reader and Ad revenue

  • Drive 120% higher average conversation rate across the audience subscription funnel
  • Leverage NLP and machine learning to implement peak attention and high-impact Ad placements
  • Boast privacy-first advantage with GDPR-compliant ad formats, personalised journeys and interest-rich user segmentation


Grow your revenue with Bridged AI

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