AI Assistants built by Publishers for Publishers
Reduce repetitive work

We did 400 AI experiments with 40+ global publishers to give publishers more power in the ecosystem. Now you can use one dashboard to build custom assistants for your content creation, engagement and revenue objectives with 10X speed and 10% cost.


Used by Publishers across the globe

Sessions Optimised with AI
300 million
Publishers using Bridged
ROI in under 6 months

Get ahead of the competition by using ready to use AI tools

Tools that integrate seamlessly with your existing technology stack and requires no techical sprints. Just a line of code and you are ready to go!


Content Assistants

110+ hours saved monthly in content discovery, curation and contextualization

  • Productivity tools that can create data-driven content drafts from your knowledge base or from the internet
  • Easy-to-use plugins adapted to any CMS and workflows for creating content drafts, research, SEO or proposals
  • 100% control over data inputs and outputs

Personalization Assistants

40% more engaged sessions on Google Analytics fortifying overall domain authority

  • AI-generated experiences to target readers through multi-step journeys
  • Advanced engagement and conversion interfaces designed for enhanced first-party data collection
  • Full control by Editor teams with approval workflow that follows “Human in the loop”

Offer Assistants

25% increase in uptake with dynamic offers presented at the right time

  • AI-enabled experimentation for dynamic registration journeys
  • Captivating interfaces built to increase upsells, reduce churn and adapt to user needs on the go
  • Full suite of agents to extract maximum value from your readers at scale

Data Assistants

$5K+ saved monthly in generating cross-functional reports

  • Semantic layer that allows you to ask from your data in natural language
  • Single point of source for insights for produces content, audience and commercial
  • Analyse data to answer any question that helps you take data-driven decisions faster

Setup your solutions in hours instead of months

Set objectives

Choose your conversions goals


Add a single line of code to your CMS

Engage and Convert

Allow our AI to optimise audience behaviour on your website


Measure the impact and segment your audience for enhanced targeting


Accelerate AI Adoption for your information business

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